The team

FSG was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2011 by Dutch entrepreneur Ruurd van der Weide. In a few years time, FSG grew into an organization that helps businesses like Auping, FitforMe, Floris van Bommel and Paula’s Choice achieve maximum growth on the online German market.

FSG is a reliable, local marketing specialist based in Kreuzberg, in the heart of Berlin.

Number of colleagues currently working at FSG:


Meet some of us here:

Dorothee Linnenbrink

Country Manager FitforMe, DACH area

With FSG since: 2016

‘I am the country manager for FitforMe, a company that offers supplements to people who have had gastric bypass surgery. I truly think that every brand deserves it’s own country manager - someone who devotes all of his time to the visuality of the brand. At FSG, I get the possibility to do just that. I make decisions on marketing, talk about yearly budgets and am responsible for the results of FitforMe in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.’

‘The fact that FSG has in-house experts for every brand, makes it a unique company to work for. I know the German health care market well, I can call myself the FitforMe expert on behalf of FSG. We have nine marketing- and sales specialists working for FitforMe in our office in Berlin. We’re coworkers, but also the employees at FitforMe feel like colleagues to me. I feel involved with both companies.’

Ruurd van der Weide

Founder and CEO

With FSG since: 2011

‘When I founded FSG, I wanted to create a company that helps international partners gain success on the German online market. Despite globalization, I strongly believe a local team is of utmost importance in order to be successful in Germany. That’s how FSG was founded in Berlin.’

‘I moved from the Netherlands to Germany and realized that entrepreneurs abroad often have a deep desire to gain value on the online German market. However, there was no local partner in Germany who would be willing to take responsibility for those brands. That’s how we became their exclusive partner.’

‘Currently, FSG has over 30 employees. We are working for a large variety of brands in Germany. When I started in 2011, I tried to found a business where I wanted to work myself. FSG now is a company where people are ambitious and work hard, where we have fun and share the same values and core beliefs as our clients. We’re available round the clock for the brands we represent. Because we, as FSG, truly believe in this dedicated way of collaborating, we are able to share quality and knowledge with our clients. That makes us one of a kind.’

Aydan Bahadir

Social media manager

With FSG since 2015

‘I started here as an intern in 2015 and didn’t think I’d be here more than a year. But there were always new opportunities and I haven’t stopped learning since. I feel privileged to work for an organization that gives me the opportunity to grow. The company is growing, and so am I. I feel completely free to speak up when needed. Plus, we have lots of fun here, too. That to me is a special combination not easy to find elsewhere.’

‘At FSG we cooperate with our clients. Their online presence in Germany is my responsibility, we truly are partners in this. I know what works for the German online market. And I know what doesn’t. FSG has a unique profile regarding conveying a message.’

Radboud Langenhorst

Managing Director

With FSG since 2016

‘I truly believe in the concept of long term commitments between partners. At FSG, we sincerely care about the success of our partners in Germany. When we talk with clients about our goals and collaboration, we focus on the long run, our future together helds at least two, three years. Together, we engage in how to delight German consumers online. For every client, we determine in which unique way we can create online traffic. But we also talk about branding and influencer marketing. In all sorts of ways, we double-check if a company is ready for the German market.’

‘In 2016, Ruurd and I decided to join forces so we could start growing our business together. I am now actively responsible for what FSG delivers to its clients. I am an entrepreneur and an employee. Our agency has a flat hierarchy. The fact that every colleague here has the opportunity to speak up, runs in the blood of our organization. In fact, that is exactly what makes working at FSG so enjoyable. Every day, it feels like we are building our company together.’